If you fare evade, you should be shot.

Here’s a frightening thought: These people will now be given guns.

What’s more, they will be given almost the same powers as trigger-happy police.

Some of the new penalties will be as follows:

  • Taking too long to validate your Metcard
    Full cavity search.
  • Myki not working
    Detained for 24 hours.
  • Fare evasion
    Shot on sight.

Good on you Ted, making us all feel safer. Now, who’s going to protect us from the ticket inspectors?

I have updated the “If you fare evade” ad. It is slightly more relevant now.


Taxi Driver of the Year

Image Credit: Reinis Traidas, Flikr

It seems we all like to complain about taxi drivers, but really, who else is going to drive you home in the middle of the night?

“He couldn’t even find my street.” Well of course all taxi drivers are expected to memorize the entire Melway.

“He couldn’t even speak English.” I’m sure in the state you were in, neither could you.

Taxi drivers put up with a lot and when it comes down to it, if we only offer negative feedback, how can we expect them to do anything out of the ordinary?

I propose an annual award to encourage drivers who provide outstanding service. Call it: Taxi Driver of the Year. The only issue would be how everyone would getting home from the award ceremony.

In the meantime, share your positive experiences with the VTD. As you can see below, they do appreciate it.

RE: Compliment > Taxi

Thank you for your letter dated 20 March 2011, to the Victorian Taxi Directorate (VTD) regarding your positive experiences whilst travelling in a taxi.

The VTD appreciates your feedback and is always pleased to hear of taxi drivers who have provided exceptional customer service which is professional and courteous such as the one you have recently experienced.

The VTD is the government regulator for the taxi and hire vehicle industries. Our role is to ensure that the services provided by these industries are safe, clean, professional and reliable, and that industry participants adhere to service standards and regulations.

We have taken the liberty of contacting the driver and your comments have been passed on to him.